Every quarter Banco de México (Banxico) publishes data related to card transactions in e-commerce, this data comes from all domestic acquiring  and issuers banks, the most recent report is from Q2 218.

According to Banxico during the second quarter in 2018 the total volume was around 2.3 billions USD and total transactions were 67.7 millions. Here are only considered the approved transactions, the average ticket was 34 USD. For credit cards the volume was 1.5 billions USD and 27.3 millions of transactions, te average ticket was 56 USD. In the case of debit cards the volume was 782 millions USD and 40.4 millions of transactions, the average ticket was 19 USD

The total approval rate during the second quarter was 63.3% (volume), for credit cards was 65.2% and for debit 59.9%

The total fraud rate during the second quarter was 0.80% (volume), for credit cards was 0.92% and for debit 0.57%

Source: Banco de México